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- PhD in Politics, Goldsmiths College, 2013 (PhD bursary student)
Dissertation “Counter-mapping migration governmentality : Arab uprising and practices of migration across the Mediterranean”.
1st passed without corrections ; supervisor Sanjay Seth
- MA in Philosophy, University of Pisa, 2009.
Dissertation “Politics of truth. Foucault and the critique of the governmental rationality” ; supervisors Arnold Davidson and Judith Revel
- BA in Philosophy, University of Pisa, 2007.
Dissertation “Foucault and the critique of freudo-marxism” ; supervisor prof. Arnold Davidson.
- Scientific College, Viareggio, Italy, 2004

Grants and Fellowships
- PhD student fellowship, Politics department, Goldsmiths College, 2010-2013.

- Lectureship in Political Theory, Queen Mary University of London, Politics department, since January 2015.
- Postdoctoral researcher, Geography department, University of Oulu, 2014.

Teaching areas
- Politics,
- Migration,
- International Relations,
- Human Geography,
- Political Theory.

Research areas :
- Contemporary political philosophy,
- Political theory,
- International Politics,
- French Philosophy.

Languages : Italian (mother tongue) ; English (fluent) ; French (fluent) ; German (reading)

Research periods abroad
- September-January 2006/2007 : Erasmus project at the University of Paris 12
- September-December 2007 at the University of Chicago, department of Philosophy
- May 2008 : Research for the MA dissertation in Paris (EHESS)
- September 2009- June 2010 : research period in Paris (EHESS)
- June 2011 : fieldwork in Tunisia
- October- November 2011 : visiting student at the University of Chicago, department of Philosophy
- March-June 2012 : visiting student at the University of Bologna, department of Political Sciences
- June- July 2012 : research fieldwork in Tunisia and in Lampedusa
- September-October 2012 : visiting student at Carleton University (Ottawa) department of Political Sciences
- December 2012 : research fieldwork in Tunisia
- July 2013 : Research fieldwork in Tunisia
- November 2013 : Research fieldwork in Morocco
- March-June 2014 : research period at the University of Bologna
- August 2014 : research fieldwork in Tunisia

List of Publications

Books :
- Tunisia as a Migration space : The re-Orientation of Migration across the Mediterranean in Times of economic Crisis, (with Glenda Garelli), London : Palgrave Pivot series on Politics and Mobility, Palgrave, in press.
- Spaces of Governmentality. Autonomous Migration and the Arab Uprisings, London : Rowman and Littlefield, 2014.
- Politics of truth. Politiche della verità. Michel Foucault Ombre Corte, Verona, 2011.

Edited volumes :
- with Sophie Fuggle and Yari Lanci, Foucault and the History of the Present, London : Palgrave McMillan, 2014.
- with Glenda Garelli and Federica Sossi, Spaces in Migration. Postcards of a Revolution, London : Pavement Books, 2013.

Editing of special journal issues :
- Foucault Studies, special issue on “Foucault and Postcolonial Europe” (with Orazio Irrera), in preparation, 2016.
- Darkmatter Journal, special issue on “Border Struggles. Epistemologies, Politics, Ontologies”, (with Oliver Belcher and Lauren Martin), in preparation, 2015.
- Antipode Journal, special issue on “Mediterranean movements”. (with Glenda Garelli and Alessandra Sciurba) in preparation, 2015.
- Postcolonial Studies Journal, Special issue on ‘Migration and Militant Research’, 16(3), (with Glenda Garelli), 2013.

Essays in edited books :
- ‘Choucha Beyond the camp. Challenging the spatial and temporal boundaries of migration Studies’, in N. De Genova ed. The Borders of Europe, Duke University Press, in press.
- ‘Discordant migrants’ freedom and the bordering of migrants lives. Three snapshots on revolutionized spaces in the aftermath of the Arab Springs”, in N. Morar ; V.Purdue eds. New Directions in Biopower, Chicago : Chicago University Press, in press.
- ‘Interruzioni di confine e soggettivazioni agiuridiche’, in P. Vernaglione ed., Foucault negli pazi del presente, Roma : IlManifesto Libri, 2014.
- ‘Condotte di (non)verità nel governo dei rifugiati’, in Materialifoucaultiani ed’ Genealogie del dir-vero Michel Foucault : la confessione e il governo degli uomini, Cronopio : Napoli, 2014.
- ‘S/confinamenti degli spazi frontiera. Choucha, Ras-Jadir, Tataouine’, in F. Sossi ed. Spazi in migrazione. Cartoline di una rivoluzione, Verona : Ombre Corte, Verona, 2012
- ‘Migration (in) Crisis and ‘People Who Are Not of Our Concern’, in Garelli, Sossi, Tazzioli (ed) Spaces in Migration. Postcards of a Revolution, London : Pavement Books, 2013.
- ‘Migrants, moving and mobile people. Le gouvernement des exceptions par une normativité différentielle’ in Les Arts de Gouverner, Presses Universitaires de Creteil, Paris, 2013.
- ‘Cartopolitics and Politics of vulnerability : two axis of struggles in the battlefield of governmentality’, (Acts of the conference “Foucault and the postcolonial”, Bologna, March 2011, forthcoming )

Articles in journals :
- “Mare Nostrum beyond the sea. The desultory politics of mobility and the humanitarian border in the Mediterranean”, accepted for publication in REMHU, Revista Interdisciplinar de Mobilidad Humana.
- “Revisiting the omnes et singulatim bond : counter-conducts within the spaces of humanitarian governmentality”, accepted for publication in Foucault Studies Journal.
- “Which Europe ? Migrants’ uneven geographies at the limits of representation”, accepted for publication in Antipode Journal.
- “Democracy as a discipline of mobility”, accepted for Snodi Journal.
- “New Keywords : Migration and Borders” (with Maribel Casas-Cortes and others), Cultural Studies Journal, 29(1), 2015.
- “Crisis as border : Choucha refugee camp and migration in crisis”, in Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa, 1, 2014, p. 15-26.
- “Political epistemology : Foucault, Butler and the troubling of categories”, in Materialifoucaultiani Journal, 2 (2), 2014, p. 191-215.www.
- “Vulnerability and resistance. An interview with Judith Butler”, (with Federica Sossi) in Materialifoucaultiani Journal, 2 (2), 2014.
- “People not of concern”, Radical Philosophy, 184, 2014, p. 1-6.
- ‘‘Democracy as a strategy of containment and migration in crisis in post-revolutionary Tunisia” in Outis, Revue de Philosophie Transeuropeenne, (4)2013, p. 125-144.
- “Migration Discipline Hijacked : Distances and Interruptions of a Research Militancy” (with Glenda Garelli), Postcolonial Studies Journal, 16(3), 2013 p. 299-308.
- “Migration and Militant Research : an Introduction”, (with Glenda Garelli) in Postcolonial Studies Journal, special issue on Migration and Militant Research, 16(3), 2013, p. 245-249.
- “Double opening, split temporality, and new spatialities : an interview with Sandro Mezzadra on ‘militant research’”, Postcolonial Studies Journal, special issue on Migration and Militant Research, 16(3), 2013 p. 309-319.
- “Arab Springs Making Space : Territoriality and Moral Geographies for Asylum Seekers in Italy”, with Glenda Garelli, Environment and Planning : D, 6, 2013, p. 1004-1021
- ‘Foucault e lo spazio : un’introduzione’, Materialifoucaultiani (1) 2012
- (with Orazio Irrera) ‘Razionalità cartografica, counter-mapping e memorie migranti’, In Outis (1), Revoltes migrantes, 2011.
- (with Daniele Lorenzini) ‘Contre-usages, pratiques de désobéissance et mouvements de l’intolérable’ in Cycnos.

Articles in submission  :
- “Humanitarian visibility and (nearly) real-time mapping in the Mediterranean”, Security Dialogue

Books in preparation :
- Unpacking the humanitarian-military border in the Mediterranean. Migration and (in)security.

Translations :
- B. Harcourt, ‘La verità e le forme giuridiche’, in Foucault e le genealogie del dir-vero, Cronopio, Napoli.
- J.Revel, ‘What Are We At the Present Time ? Foucault and the Question of the Present’, in Fuggle, Lanci, Tazzioli, eds. Foucault and the History of the Present, Palgrave, London, 2014.
- M. Foucault, Sur l’origine de l’herméneutique du soi, Vrin, Paris, 2013 (with Materialifoucaultiani)
- M. Foucault, Sull’origine dell’ermeneutica del sé, Cronopio, 2011 (with Materialifoucaultiani). Italian translation of M. Foucault, On the origin of the hermeneutics of the self.

Invited Lectures
- “Choucha beyond the camp”, King’s College, London, 16 July 2014.
- “Which Europe ? Counter-mapping at the limits of representation” (13 February, 2014) University of Oulu
- “Migration and Militant Research” (23 January, 2014) University of Aalborg
- “Foucault et les etudes postcoloniaux” (13 December 2013), University of Paris XII
- “A Foucaultian reading of migration governmentality” (15 November 2011), University of Chicago, workshop of Contemporary continental philosophy
- “Migrazioni e countermapping” (2 April, 2012) University of Bologna
- “Migrazioni e countermapping”, (7 May 2012), University of Bergamo
- “Unspeakable maps : Tunisian migrants’ uneven geographies across the Mediterranean” (21st September 2012), Carleton University, Ottawa.
- “Michel Foucault et les soulèvements iraniens” (20 January 2013) College International de Philosophie, Paris.
- “Foucault et le postcolonial” (12 December 2013), University of Paris XII.
- “Migration and militant research” (23 January 2014), University of Aalborg.
- “Which Europe ? Counter-mapping at the limit of representation”, (13 February), University of Oulu.
- “Migration and the Arab uprisings” (20 March 2014), University of Bologna.

Conference presentations
- Border Interruptions and Migration Multiple Maps, presentation at the international workshop “Border Struggles”, University of Oulu, 12 September 2014.
- Presentation at the RELATE centre of excellence, University of Oulu, 4 September 2014
- Choucha beyond the camp, workshop on Migrant struggles and techniques of bordering. King’s College, London 17 July 2014.
- Chair at the Foucault conference in Paris, University of Paris 1, 19-21 June 2014.
- Foucault and Ethnography, chair and organization of a panel at the conference of Ethnography and Qualitative Research, Bergamo, 5-7 June 2014.
- Tunisian migrations troubling spaces, presentation at the annual Migration conference, Oxford University, 14 May 2014.
- Migration and the Arab Uprisings, RELATE conference, University of Oulu, 3 April 2014.
- The military-humanitarian border in the Mediterranean, conference Migration and Law, Birbeck College, London, 28 March 2014.
- Migration and Militant Research workshop, Leicester, 14-15 December 2013.
Interruzioni di Confine, conference Foucault, critique and subjected knowledges, Bologna, 8 March 2013
- Migration in Crisis and “people of not our concern”, seminar Decoloniser les savoir, University of Paris XII, 22 February 2013
- Hijacked Knowledges : Spatial Interruptions, Conference Migration and Militant Research, Goldsmiths College (London), 30-31 January 2013
- Borders unbounds : dislocating postures and the limits of cosmopolitanism, international conference New borderlands and cosmopolitanism from below ?, Oldenburg, 6-8 December 2012
- Migration and militant research, workshop on Critical methodologies at Open University (UK), 4 December 2012
- Politics of non-truth and good stories : the government of would-be refugees at the limits of the World’s history, conference Les critiques de la raison au XX siècle, University of Paris XII, 25-26 October 2012
- Democracy as a strategy of containment and migration in crisis in revolutionized Tunisia, international conference Democratiser la democratie ?, Paris, 18-19 October 2012
- Unspeakable maps, Conference Hermes. Migrations and Culture, Ottawa, Carleton University, 20-21 September 2012
- Occupy the squares, re-occupy lives. Migrant movements and spatial resignifications, Presentation at the conference The Many, University of Lisbon 21-22 April, 2012
- Migrants upheavals making space : Arab Springs and border contestations, AAG Conference, New York, 22 -26 February 2012
- Foucault, migration governmentality and the critique of our present, Presentation at the workshop on Continental philosophy at University of Chicago, 15 November 2011
- Economie de l’humanitaire et aide populaire entre Zarzis et la frontière, conference Repenser les migrations, Tunis, 25 September 2011
- Luttes des migrantes, luttes urbaines au Maghreb : repenser les pratiques de citoyenneté en Europe à la lumière des mouvements Méditerranéens, international migration conference in Rabat, 8-10 June, 2011
- Cartopolitics and the politics of vulnerability, international conference Foucault and the postcolonial, University of Bologna, 22-23 March, 2011
- Formes de désobéissance et contre-usages dans les luttes aux marges, conference Les actes du refus, Nice, 27-29 January, 2011
- Migration governmentality : A Foucaultian critical approach, Conference on Critical Governance, University of Warwick, 14 December, 2010
- Presentation at the workshop on Governmentality at the Carleton University, Ottawa, 2 November 2010
- Practices of migrants’ “resistenships” in the European border towns, international conference in Toronto, Migration and the global city, Toronto, 29-31 October, 2010
- Migrants, moving and mobile people. Le gouvernement des exceptions par une normativité différentielle, conference Ls arts de gouverner, University of Paris 12, Creteil, 22-24 October 2010
- Presentation of the Phd research project at Ecole doctorale de Caen sur Michel Foucault. 3 May 2010
- Foucault, Ranciere et les bords du politique, PhD international conference on Foucault. Historical limits and their critical overcoming, University of Pisa, 15 April 2010

_ Other relevant academic activities and conference organizations
- Member of the editorial board of Materialifoucaultiani Journal and website :
- A peer-review web Journal on the uses of Michel Foucault in different academic and political domains. The journal is in three languages (Italian, French and English)
- Member of the editorial board of Storiemigranti (
- Organization of the Phd conference “Michel Foucault. Historical limits and their critical overcoming”, University of Pisa, 15 April 2010
- Organization of a roundtable with Materialifoucaultiani in Paris (University of Paris 1) on “Leçons sur la volonté de savoir” (25 May, 2011)
- Organization of the conference (with Hassan Boubakri and Federica Sossi) “Rethinking migrations” (Tunisi, 25-26 September 2011)
- Organization of a roundtable at Goldsmiths College on “Foucault and the Courage of the truth” (January 14, 2011) with the participation of Arnold Davidson, Judith Revel and Miguel de Beistegui
- Organization of an international conference (with Materialifoucaultiani) in Paris on Michel Foucault “Du courage de la vérité au gouvernement des vivants” University of Paris 1, 21-22 June, 2011
- Organization of a PhD conference on Migration and the militant research, Goldsmiths College, 30-31 January 2013
- Organization (with Materialifoucaultiani Journal) of a conference on “Foucault, critique and subjected knowledges”, University of Bologna, 8 March, 2013
- Organization (with Materialifoucaultiani Journal) of a round-table on Foucault et Du Gouvernment des Vivants. Cours au College de France, 1980, University of Paris I, 27 March 2013
- Organization of a workshop on Challenging the humanitarian-securitarian border in the Mediterranean, University of Oulu, 19 May 2014.
- Organization of a two-days international workshop on Border Struggles : Epistemologies, Politics, Ontologies, University of Oulu, 11-12 September 2014.
- Organization (with Materialifoucaultiani) of an international conference on “Foucault and post-democracy”, University of Palermo, 27-28 November 2014.
- Organization (with Materialifoucaultiani) of a conference on “Michel Foucault : attualità e testimonianze”, University of Bologna, 11-12 December 2014.

Teaching Experience
- 2015 (Spring term) BA course in Political Theory, Queen Mary, University of London.
- 2014 (Autumn term) MA course MA course “The construction of the European space”, University of Oulu.
- 2014 (Autumn term) BA course “Global Migration”, University of Oulu
- 2014 (Spring term) : MA course “Decolonizing International Relations e, University of Oulu.
- 2012-2013 : interdisciplinary workshop on “Foucault and the history of the present”, Goldsmiths College
- 2011-2012/ 2012-2013 : interdisciplinary workshop on “Migrant struggles, techniques of bordering and practices of citizenship”, Goldsmiths College (with Nicholas De Genova)
- Spring 2012 : Teaching assistant, Politics department, University of Bologna.
- Autumn 2011 : BA seminar at the University of Chicago, Philosophy department.