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Séminaire du LAMES, 24 janvier 2014

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salle Temime, 14-16h
Daniele Joly (University of Warwick, CADIS-EHESS)
Islam and Muslims in Britain and France

This seminar traces the contours of the societal and institutional contexts in Britain and France which preside over the question of Islam and Muslims. It examines the evolution of policies and the conceptualisation of populations of Muslim background in their interaction with majority societies. It is worth noting that in both countries, Islam and Muslims remained unnoticed in the first stages of settlement as this did not constitute a marker of self-identification or categorisation. The populations concerned emigrated from former colonies to arrive in Britain and France broadly after WWII. In Britain, their status of British subjects awarded them British citizenship from their installation in the United Kingdom. These populations were initially subsumed within a race relations paradigm followed by a multicultural approach based on ethnic communities. Islam and Muslim emerged in the public space only in the 1990s as a result of Muslims’ action on the national and international plane. In 2001 and subsequently in 2005 terrorist attacks respectively in New York and London brought Islam and Muslims into the limelight with new modes of interaction between them and British society. In France, populations of Muslim background did not enjoy any social or political rights on account of their status as aliens. This influenced equally their capacity of action and public policies. While policies of integration were delayed as a consequence, once introduced their suffered from changes of governments which operated a zigzagging stop and go. This in turn impacted upon the characteristics of Muslims’ action. The Islam/Muslim question arose in the 1990s around the scarf issue. In the 21st century Islam became entangled in debates around ethnicity and communalism, laicity and gender equality, the whole thing being surrounded by the spectre of terrorism.

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