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Pierre-Olivier Weiss - "The creation of physical education in France : the challenges of a political and ideological struggle"

par Sylvie Chiousse - publié le

Giornale Italiano di Educazione alla Salute, Sport e Didattica Inclusiva, vol.4, n°3, 2020.

Physical et Sport Education (PSE) develops access to a rich field of practices, with a strong cultural and social involvement, important in the development of the individual’s personal and collective life. Throughout schooling, physical education (phys. ed.) aims to train a lucid, autonomous, physically and socially educated citizen, with a view to living together. It encourages children and teenagers to seek well-being and care for their health. It ensures the inclusion, in the classroom, of pupils with special educational needs or with disabilities. The PSE is an introduction to the pleasure of sports. But in France, PSE is also the result of a long and complex History of political and ideological struggles that this article is willing to report.