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Roger Waldinger, "Origins and destinations : the making of the second generation"

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Séminaire Mimed, coordonné par Farida Souiah
mardi 11 juin, MMSH Aix, salle 1 - 14h-16h30

Roger Waldinger - Politiste, UCLA, Center for the Study invité par le LabexMed au LEST
Immigrants’ greatest legacy involves their children. Born or raised in the United States, this second generation now stands over 20 million strong. In this book, immigration scholars Renee Luthra, Thomas Soehl, and Roger Waldinger provide a new way of understanding The Making of the Second Generation, one bringing Origins and Destinations into view. Using surveys of second generation immigrant adults in New York and Los Angeles, this book explains why second generation experiences differ across national origin groups and why immigrant offspring with same national background follow different trajectories. Inter-group disparities stem from contexts of both emigration and immigration. Diversity also appears among immigrant offspring whose parents stem from the same place. Immigrant children grow up with homeland connections, which can both hurt and help. Though all immigrants enter the U.S. as non-citizens, some instantly enjoy legal presence, others spend years in the shadows ; those at-entry differences yield long-term effects. Disentangling the sources of diversity among today’s population of immigrant offspring Origins and Destinations provides a new framework for understanding the second generation that is transforming America.

Discutante : Amandine DeBruyker (anthropologue, AMU, CNRS, IDEMEC)


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