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ANR MRSEI : METIS - Migration evolutionary temporality and investigate scenario

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Suite du projet MARE - Migration, Asylum and Refugees in the EuroMediterranean area (2017), dans le cadre des appels H2020 sur les migrations.

International migration has become a major concern for European policy makers, public opinion and researchers. Since 2011, political upheavals on the southern shores of the Mediterranean have brought about a crisis with new and lasting socio-economic effects in the Euro-Mediterranean and African region. Above all, the crisis has revealed how international migration is at the heart of major societal change, both today and into the future. The “Migration Evolutionary Temporality and Investigative Scenario” (METIS) project will produce reliable conceptual, empirical and quantitative knowledge to understand, identify and take account of uncertainties in migration. METIS will build a new framework and create new tools to analyse changing migration routes from the Euro-Mediterranean-African area and Asia. This work will contribute to better migration governance in the short and long term. METIS will bring together a multidisciplinary team of 11 institutions in Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy, Niger, the United Kingdom and Turkey. Demographers, sociologists, economists, geographers, historians and anthropologists will shed light on key motivations and drivers for migration to explain changes in departures, returns, re-emigration and stagnation in transit. METIS will deliver well-grounded investigative projections and scenarios on Europe’s migratory challenges in 2060, as well as projections on climate change in Africa and its relationship to migration. The project will produce databases and analyse big data on migration flows and targeted themes : gender and migration, migration of children, forced migration, return migration. Finally, METIS will develop an innovative digital platform making previously disparate sources of data on migration interoperable, and including new data produced in close collaboration with national statistics institutes in Europe and the Mediterranean area.