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Michela Sartini, Universita di Bologna

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- Institution :
Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna ;
- master degree course in “International Cooperation, development, human rights”

- Master thesis research
“Culture c’est rupture ? Urban policies in the area of Marseille between economic re-birth and gentrification process”
From the beginning of the 70’s in North America and Europe it have been generated economic and social changes that can be inscribed the global phenomenon of De-industrialization.
The broken relationship between industrialization and urbanization have great effect on urban policies that are moving toward the requalification of the “empty places” in urban landscape, giving a different function to industrial buildings.
To the City of Marseille can be ascribed this kind of transformation, in which, by the local policies of “Politiques de la Ville”, some projects like the Euro-Mediterranean project and l’Operation Grand Centre Ville are focusing on the requalification of the city center in order to encourage the economic re-birth of the city.
The center of the city, structured near the docks, is the multicultural and popular core of the city. Having popular boroughs in the city center is an exception compared to the other French cities, although others migrants boroughs are present in peripheral and disadvantaged parts of the city (quartiers Nord).
The re-evaluation of the city center can be considered an example of gentrification inside the transformation processes of contemporary cities divided into 2 main grounds : on one side the estate willingness to rebuild the city centers for touristic improvement, on the other side the willingness of the inhabitants of those boroughs bound to a community that lives and identifies herself in those places.